Norcar a7236 Brand New

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Norcar a7236 Mini Loader – Strength & Capacity

Multiple attachments available for this machine!

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Key features:

  • MultiFaster Quick release coupling
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • High Capacity Hydraulics
  • 320/55-15 TR
  • Hydraulic Outlet, front
  • FOPS Protective Roof
  • Hydraulic Outlet, rear
  • Two Speed Ranges
  • Load Warning System
  • Parallel leveller
  • Extension Boom

Superior strength, ground clearance, and capacity is found in the a-series’ largest loaders, the a7236 and the a7545. Norcar a7236 has high specifications already as standard. A four-cylinder diesel engine and dual working hydraulic pumps prepares the machine well for work with tools requiring high hydraulic pressure. Several functions can be used simultaneously without affecting each other, making work more efficient.
The lifting boom can be extended 750mm telescopically, giving a lifting height beyond compare. With a tipping load of 1500kg on a pallet, it is one of the market’s strongest loaders in its weight class.

MultiFaster Quick release coupling

The MultiFaster Quick release makes changes of hydraulic tools easy and quick. All the hydraulic connections are completed with a simple hand motion and makes it impossible to cross connect. Pressure is automatically released, and no oil will leak.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Maintains hydraulic oil’s temperature at correct level while operating tools that require high oil flow during long driving periods.

High Capacity Hydraulics

Dual working hydraulic pumps provide selectable flow (24/57 l/min) for hydraulic outlets. Telescope extension boom and external hydraulics work independently of each other, regardless of the boom’s movements.

320/55-15 TR

Tractor patterned tire. Provides good traction and is suitable for softer surfaces such as soil, sand, and gravel. Tread pattern is designed to keep the tire clean while driving on wet surfaces. Machine width 127 cm.

Hydraulic Outlet, front

Electrically operated double acting hydraulic outlets, front (1 and 2) and free return (3). Controls hydraulic tools directly with joystick buttons. Mode for continuous operation and free return useful for eg. lawn mowers. Hydraulic oil flow max 57/min.

Traction control

Provides better traction on slippery or uneven surfaces. Traction is guaranteed on the same side wheels.

FOPS Protective Roof

Steel roof that protects the operator from falling objects. Recommended for rental machines and is often mandatory on construction sites.

Hydraulic Outlet, rear

Single acting hydraulic outlet (R1) and free return (R3). Controls hydraulic attachments directly with joystick buttons. Rear hydraulic outlets should not be connected at the same time as hydraulic outlet, front. Hydraulic oil flow max 57 l/min.

Two Speed Ranges

Change between pulling force and speed. Low gear: 0-9km/h, pulling force 1400kg High gear: 0-20km/h, pulling force 700kg.

Load Warning System

Load warning provides a good overview of load weight and warns of the risk of tipping. The load warning can easily be calibrated to different counter weight alternatives.

Parallel leveller

Keeps equipment in the set position regardless of the boom’s movements. Increases safety and precision during lifts, especially with pallet forks.

Extension Boom

750 mm telescope gives good lifting height and reach. Electronically controlled with lifting boom’s joystick.


Engine -
Fuel type:Diesel
Cylinder volume:1498 cm3
Cooling System:Fluid
Power -
SAE, gross power:27/36 kW/hp
Max gross torque:98 Nm
At engine speed:2200 r/min
Max engine speed without load:3000 r/min
Electrical system -
Battery:12-53 V-Ah
Generator:40 A
Service volumes -
Cooling system:6 L
Engine oil:5 L
Fuel tank:20 L
Hydraulic tank:45 L
Hydraulic system total volume:50 L
Performance -
Lifting power hydraulic:2100 kg
Breakout force 50 cm:1500 kg
Tipping load, straight: 1500 kg
Tipping load, articulated:900 kg
Operating weight:1790 kg
Drive speed low:0-9 km/h
Drive speed high:0-20 km/h
Pulling force low:700 kg
Pulling force high:1400 kg
Hydraulic system -
Working hydraulics:(24+33) 57 L/min
Engine speed:3000 rpm
System pressure:240 bar
Drivetrain hydraulics: 84 L/min
Drivetrain max system pressure:350 bar
Cycle times -
Raising boom:4,2 s
Lowering boom:2,6 s
Folding in bucket: 2,9 s
Tipping bucket:2,2 s
Steering wheel rotations:4/5 L/R rev
Tires -
Dimension:320/55-15 TR

Cab Options –

Protects against flying debris when working, for example, with flail shredder, hydraulic hammer, or snow blower.
Windshield wipers and washer included.

Light cab without doors
Effective protection against weather, which is very handy for tasks with short intervals between getting on and off.
The rear window can be opened.  In the upper position, it acts effectively as rain protection while using eg. digger attachment. Two gas springs hold the rear window stable in the open position.
Windshield wipers and washer included.

Light cab
Complete cab with an effective heater.  Equipped with a lockable door with solid steel frame, and an opening rear window. In the upper position, it acts effectively as rain protection while using eg. digger attachment. Two gas springs hold the rear window stable in the open position.
The cabin is heated by a 4kW heater. The heat is steplessly controlled, and the fan speed has three steps.
The heater has fresh air filter as standard.
Windshield wipers and washer included.

Available with over 40 attachments – (Attachments are not included within the monthly rental shown).

Equipment Type Mini Loaders and Dumpers
Make Norcar
Model a7236
Manufacture Year NEW
Condition Brand New
Mileage (if applicable) Miles
Hours (if applicable)
Fuel Type (if applicable) Diesel
Price 565.00

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