Frequently Asked Questions

Will I own the machine or vehicle at the end?


With the Arblease Hire Purchase product you will take 100% ownership at the end of the agreement.

Ask the team for more details about HP (Hire Purchase).

Why finance a machine?

Retain your working capital and grow you business.

Asset finance allows businesses to fund capital equipment outside of normal banking facilities, over a period of 12 months to 7 years. It is useful to help manage cashflow and retain liquidity.

Arblease offers three main products:

  • Finance Lease
  • Hire Purchase
  • Re-Finance

We can offer customers low deposit transactions, the opportunity to finance the VAT until it is back in from the VAT Office (or over the term of the agreement in some cases) and the ability to match payments with cashflow ‘seasonal payments’.

Balloon payments are also available to keep finance repayments lower.  As with any transaction, all of these benefits are on a deal-by-deal basis and subject to credit acceptance.

By offering so many options and a personal concierge service, we are confident that we will find an affordable, suitable finance solution for your business.

How can I finance a machine at the best possible rate?

Arblease offer you a very simple online system helping to make it swift and simple for you to deal with Arblease. The whole process is arrange by email and online.

If you need to:

  • Get qualified for finance in advance
  • Finance a new machine
  • Finance a used machine
  • Locate a machine

Simple follow this link:

Do you finance machines that are not on your website?

Yes, we finance new and used machinery and vehicles from any supplier at fixed low rates.

We finance USED too! Check out this information: CLICK

We also protect you by offering you a FREE HPI check.

Arblease offers you free reign to source your own machine or vehicle, new or used, from any manufacturer, dealer or private seller giving you ability to negotiate the best deal possible!

We can even help you locate a machine via our network of over 300 suppliers in the UK.

Arblease will finance all plant, equipment, machinery, cars and vehicles too, new and used. Our main focus is within Arb, Forestry, Ground-care and Agricultural industry sectors.

Buy with confidence. Get your finance approved FIRST and then negotiate theBEST price on the BEST machine or vehicle.

Simple follow this link:

Once you have chosen a machine or vehicle contact our team who will then speak to your chosen supplier and arrange all the paperwork and arrange payment.

If I use finance, do I own the machine?

Yes!  Ask us about the Arblease Hire Purchase product.

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