Vendor Finance for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our Vendor Finance system empowers manufacturers and suppliers in the UK to deliver customised finance solutions for their clients.

Arblease Vendor Finance for Manufacturers and Suppliers is a strategic partnership that promises to elevate sales, and cultivate customer loyalty. Our finance products also ensure a consistent cash flow, establishing a mutually beneficial scenario for businesses and their customers.




Manufacturer and Supplier Advantages:

  • Industry specialists: Arblease has a strong pedigree of over 30 years in the ground-based industries of Arb, Forestry, Farm, and Groundcare. We understand these businesses and their specialist machinery and vehicle requirements.
  • Sales Expansion: Arblease provides manufacturers and suppliers with compelling finance solutions designed to attract customers and drive increased sales.
  • Efficient Scheme Management: Acting as the intermediary between funder, dealer, manufacturer, and customer, Arblease, through its specialised gatekeeper product, streamlines the entire process. From scheme planning and pricing to funder management and customer delivery Arblease will offer your team experience and support.
  • Simplified Process: Arblease aims to eliminate the complexities often associated with traditional manufacturer-funder relationships, offering a straightforward and uncomplicated experience.
  • Tailored Pricing and Delivery: Arblease offers bespoke pricing and delivery solutions, aligning with the specific needs of each manufacturer.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Each manufacturer partner benefits from a dedicated account manager, overseeing the finance process to ensure seamless interactions.


Arblease’s Scheme Management:

  • Arblease manages the intricate relationships between the funder, dealer, manufacturer, and customer. Through its gatekeeper product, Arblease will handle scheme planning, pricing, funder management, and customer delivery.


Training for Sales Teams:

  • Arblease provides comprehensive training for the manufacturer’s sales team, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to promote finance solutions effectively.
  • The training encompasses a thorough understanding of all finance products offered through Arblease. This training will empower the sales team to navigate price negotiations and offer compliant solutions that precisely meet customer requirements.


Finance Process Streamlined in 3 Steps:

  • Step 1: Manufacturers, suppliers, and dealer networks communicate their customer’s finance requirements to Arblease.
  • Step 2: A dedicated finance account manager at Arblease facilitates approval and manages the paperwork process.
  • Step 3: Upon signing the finance documents, funds are promptly released, ensuring swift access to capital for manufacturers, suppliers and dealers.


Focus on Compliance:

  • Arblease actively manages compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations, guaranteeing that the provided finance solutions adhere to legal standards.


Why Arblease?

In summary, Arblease Vendor Finance, aims to simplify financing processes for manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, fostering sales growth, customer loyalty, and a consistent cash flow.

Arblease has a strong pedigree of over 30 years in the ground-based industries of Arb, Forestry, Farm, and Groundcare. We understand these businesses, their cash flow, and the specialist machinery and vehicles they require.

The commitment to training and compliance underscores dedication to delivering effective and legally sound finance solutions for manufacturers, national distributors, and dealerships.

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