Over 200 attachments

Choose the right tools from our versatile selection of attachments purposely designed for all-year use, and your Avant loader will deliver results you can be proud of. In the winter, plowing and sanding; in the spring sweeping and washing; lawn care in the summer and collecting leaves in the autumn. Avant offers an efficient and multi-functional system for all your needs around the year.

General bucket
Heavy duty general bucket
Light material bucket
XL light material bucket
4 in 1 bucket
High tip bucket
XL High Tip Bucket
Grapple bucket
Demolition grapple bucket
Root grapple
Levelling bucket
Pallet fork
Pallet fork with side shift
Skip bucket
Jib boom
Telescoping jib boom
Hydraulic trailer hitch
Ball hitch on front
Beehive mover
Site toolbox
Dozer blade 1400
Dozer blade 2000/2500
Snow plow
Flipper bucket
Zoom snow plow
U plow

Ice rink scraper blade
Snow blower
Rotary broom
Collecting broom 1100
Collecting broom 1500
Bucket broom
High pressure washer
Artificial turf attachment
Artificial turf maintenance brush
Sand/salt spreader
Towable sand/salt spreader
Vacuum brush
Leguan 50 access platform
Tipping trailer
Lawn mower 1200
Lawn mower 1500
Collecting lawn mower 1200
Collecting lawn mower 1500
Cutting bar
Flail mower
S30 Flail mower with hydraulic side arm
S30 Hydraulic side arm
S30 Mechanical side arm
S30 Flail mower
S30 Cutting bar
S30 Rotary hedge cutter
S30 Multi-function drive unit
Fence mower
Edge trimmer
Lawn aerator
Weed brush
Rotary hoe series 2
Power rake
Rotary harrow
Leveller HD
Roller compactor
Front rake
Mulcher CR1400
Screening bucket
Stump grinder
Mounting kit for stone installation clamp
Stone grab
Grabbing tool
Tree boom
Backhoe 170
Backhoe 210
Backhoe 260
Backhoe 260 with remote control
Mini digger
Multi function drive unit
Hydraulic breaker

Asphalt spreader
Asphalt grinder
Concrete mixing bucket
Drum type concrete mixer
Vibrating plate
Disc scraper
Submersible pump
All-round grapple
Silage fork
XL silage grab
Silage dozer blade
Feeding table cleaning blade
Silage dispenser
Feed mover screw
Silage block cutter
Carousel broom
Round bale grab
Bale handler
Bale fork
Round bale splitter
Bedding distributor bucket
Manure fork
Grain/flour dispenser bucket
Grain/flour dispenser bucket XL
Push broom
3 point hitch adapter
Slurry mixer
Horse manure collector
Front cultivator
Spring tine cultivator
Horse arena harrow
Big bag transporter
Stone collecting bucket
Pressure washer
Tree shear
Log grab heavy duty
Log grab
Timber grab
Timber grab HD
Wood chipper CH100
Wood chipper CH180
Tilt adapter
Attachment rotator
Side shift adapters
Adapter plate, weld-on
Euro adapter
Skid steer adapter
Multi Connector System
Hydraulic manifolds to Multi Connector System
Adapters for mounting 200 series attachments
Centrifugal sand/salt spreader