Loads of options for the Avant 600 series

Add efficiency and comfort to your work with options. Our wide range of options varies from tires to loading ramps and air-conditioned cabins. Make Avant your own by choosing the options you need for your work. Most of them can be retrofitted as well!

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Telescopic boom
Boom self levelling, hydraulic
Boom floating
Smooth drive
Hydraulic attachment coupling plate
Joystick 8 functions
Control switch pack for rear mounted attachments
Adapter cable for attachment control switch pack
Auxiliary hydraulics outlet in the rear, double-acting
Second auxiliary hydraulics outlet in the front
Anti slip valve
Back weight
Rear side weights 80 kg
Rear side weights 180 kg
Light rear bumper
Attachment mounting plate in the rear
Trailer coupling
Rear guard
Work light kit, on ROPS frame
Work light kit, on cab LX
Road traffic light kit
Beacon light bar
Cab L
Rear wall
Cab LX
Heavy duty cover plates
Mud guards, rear
Full suspension seat
Engine heater
Exhaust purifier
Hand drive controls
Rear carrier
Reverse beeper
Tie down bracket on wheel hub
Tie down bracket in the rear/on the sides
Lifting kit, for machines with ROPS frame
Lifting kit, for machines with cab LX/DLX
Weather cover
Transport cover
Loading ramps
Battery charger
Adapter cable
Adapter plug
Snow chains