Arblease is helping many UK businesses grow by financing USED machinery and vehicles from any dealer or private seller at low fixed-rates.

Good news! Arblease has extended its funding lines to finance USED machinery and vehicles for customers buying from any dealer or private seller. As a result, UK based businesses can now qualify and take advantage of the well respected Arblease online application system. This can be used to fund USED machinery at low, attractive borrowing rates.

Arblease can finance any machine or vehicle from any dealer, including commercial vehicles, wood chippers, stump grinders, access platforms, mini loaders, tractors, etc!

‘Clients are quick to realise that asset finance is faster and often cheaper than borrowing from clearing banks, which should be a last resort’ says Arblease partner Matt Potter.

‘Businesses often still use cash (working capital), clearing banks, credit cards, and unsecured loans to pay for purchases, which can look very tempting, but these choices can be very limited and can negatively affect your company.

Credit cards and unsecured loans can be used at anytime and are flexible, meaning you can use the funds for anything, including cashflow in an emergency. Also, considering their limited availability and high costs, I believe they should be a last resort.

Using your cash (or working capital as we call it) can also expose your company. You will need working capital for hundreds of things, including smaller usables (Ropes/equipment etc), fuel, finance repayments, repairs, tax, accountants, website, rent, mortgage, IT… the list goes on.

Using your clearing bank is very similar to using working capital, as if you run out of working capital, you will need to ask your clearing bank for an overdraft or loan.

For these reasons and many more, asset finance remains the first choice for funding machinery and vehicles, with 81% of national sales funded annually.’


Why are so many companies using asset finance?

  • Future proof: Once you are agreed for funding, our credit acceptance can last up to NINE months, giving you plenty of time to find the best machine at the best price!
  • Low cost: Fixed rates are very low with Arblease
  • Fixed costs: Plan better! Your payments will not change for the period of finance
  • Fast: Apply and get a decision the same day
  • Helping you grow: We can open up several funding lines for your business
  • Protection: The asset financed is often our only security not putting your home a risk!
  • Industry knowledge and expertise: Arblease are the industry experts and can help you find, value and finance machinery and vehicles
  • Forward-thinking: We plan for the future and we work alongside our clients always looking to improve how we can support you and help your business grow


The Arblease team are here to listen, help and react.

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