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ARBLEASE BLOG – Introducing the NEW Stage V Compliant Timberwolf TW 280FTR Wood Chipper for Sale on Finance in the UK.

Hi guys. I hope you’re well. In this video, we’re going to be checking out the brand new Stage V compliant Timberwolf TW280 FTR tracked wood chipper. Is it going to be a first choice? Find out here, keep watching.

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As promised we’re here today, to look at another one of our campaign with Timberwolf to make sure that you’re aware of all these brand new Stage V compliant machines that have been released. There’s loads, the market is now flooding in with these Stage V compliant machines and Timberwolf has got a pack that cannot be ignored.

Today, we’re talking about the TW280 FTR, petrol only, no diesel, no, stop press, no diesel. So, we’re going to ask why, of course, Stage V compliant. They’ve done the work, but why no diesel? Let’s find out.

So I’m going to split this blog into three different areas. Firstly, I’ll tell you about all of the good things that it’s retained from its predecessor, because it was a massive selling machine, it’s predecessor, the TW280 TFTR.

Secondly, tell you all about the new features that this machine makes it even better than its predecessor. And then thirdly, I’ll tell you what it’s going to cost to get into one of these.

The competition details

But before I do that, I’ve got a competition for you. As the chippers are getting a little bit bigger, so is the prizes. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to give a whole bag away, including the bag, you can have the bag too. There’s a whole load of goodies in here.

And what’s going to be in the bag is wooly hat. Okay, we’re going to get that out. We’re going to get the cap in, being optimistic that it’s going to sunshine. We’ve got the flask in, you know this flask is superb, look at these. Keeps hot things hot, keeps cold things cold. That’s going in the bag, but this is the special, this is the good one, the buff.

Some companies are giving these away for free at the moment. No, no, not Timberwolf. These are rare, you can’t buy them. There’s very few of these out there and it goes round your neck, keeping you busy this winter, keeping you warm, should say this winter. It goes around there. Super product.

So win it, win it, win it. I’ll explain the question just a little bit later on in this blog. So, as promised, we’re going to talk about the new Timberwolf 280 FTR and stage one is going to be on this blog. What’s it got that the other one had? Because it was a massive selling machine, the predecessor.

What key features has this new Timberwolf TW 280FTR Wood Chipper retained from the TW280TFTR?

The TW280 TFTR, which was obviously a diesel machine, okay. So when we’re looking at these machines, we’ve got to consider, is it going to be the right machine for my fleet? And the old one sold very, very well. And of course there’s orders now backing up for these new machines that are coming through and I’m suspecting this won’t be any different.



So, first off it has got the exclusive Wolf track dual-speed tracking system. We’ve spoke about this already. So this is a track that goes one speed for maneuvering and safe maneuvering around on site. It’s also got another speed, that’s twice the speed, I think. Twice the speed? Twice the speed we understand. To get you from one area of the site, to the other.

So very safe maneuvering speed. And then another speed to get you from A to B, saving you a lot of time on site. And that gets the job done faster with superior maneuvering Timberwolf were telling us. So that’s got to be a good point and we think that’s exclusive to Timberwolf. We’ve not heard any different, but if you’re another manufacturer or you know different, just comment below and let us know.

It’s got a low center of gravity, again, like the predecessor, giving the operator stability and safety Timberwolf were telling us, and that was the feedback from the previous machine. And a few people have said, how’s that gone? Have you still got that benefit? Yes, you have. That is still here with this new machine. A discharge shoot 280 degree turning discharge shute, important as well for ease of use, when on site, making sure that you’re not having to maneuver this machine, as soon as you got it into position, depending on where the truck is, et cetera, et cetera.

You know more about that than me. But what we’re saying is that was a good point. And it’s retained in this machine. It has still got 245 mm ground clearance. Yes, it is still a nice machine in that aspect and gives you plenty of ground clearance to get across some of the most difficult of terrains.

And the other thing, it’s got large infeed controls with non latching reverse for safety. So yeah, another good point retained by this machine and all of those good points are in the bag. You’ve got them, they’re still on this machine and it was the reason why its predecessor became such power.

What new features does the Timberwolf TW 280FTR Wood Chipper have?

So, what’s new? What’s new? So second point, what’s new about this machine and what the changes have Timberwolf made. Well, Timberwolf are very conscious about safety. That’s what they’re telling us. It’s been a main driving force for their new… All my screens just gone off… For their new Stage V compliant range that’s coming out.

Obviously it’s petrol, not diesel, shock horror, shock press, stop press. So what we’ve got here is we’ve got a machine that is just being released, in this model, in petrol only. So forget about the diesel, it’s gone. We’re not doing diesel anymore. So it’s petrol.

What comes with petrol? More power, hence the slogan, slogan? What’s up with me today? Slogan. The pack with more power. So it’s a more powerful petrol engine. The petrol engine only, no diesel up to removing the DPF filter issues.

So the way I understand it is because these wood chippers are on and off all day, they never really get hot enough to work at their optimum. And so these DPF filters have in the past tended to get blocked up and that’s been a common problem across all sorts of different manufacturers.

So, it was causing major issues with this, diesel. So thank God it’s gone. It’s gone. We don’t have to worry about that. So, no problems with the DPF filter issues, it’s a petrol and it’s going to be more energy efficient, giving you superior performance… Emails coming in, sorry about that.

So what we’ve got here is, we’ve got a machine that’s going to give a superior performance. It’s more powerful, but as I said, safety is an issue here because that’s been a huge focus for Timberwolf on that. So what they’ve done is they’ve actually patented this, it’s exclusive as well they tell us. An exclusive exhaust cooling system, and this reduces the exhaust gas temperature by up to 150 degrees Celsius.

So that makes this machine safer to operate and put some assurance to you, especially if it’s not you using it, or your staff. And you want to make sure that your team is safe when they’re on site, which is of course very, very important.

Another point, the dual position for the electronic engine throttle. Access, so for access either at the control tower or from the key switch, again, that’s for convenience, but also for safety. So take a look at the photos that are on our website. Get up-to-date on the machine and let us know what you think below. We’d love to answer your questions, just comment below and we’ll come back to them all, answer them in real time on social.

What’s it going to cost to own one of these machines? That’s a big question. It’s number three. What’s it going to cost? Well, sub 500, the whole range is less than that £500 a month on certain plans. All of these machines come with the benefits of 0% finance and also an optional five-year warranty.

But on top of that low fixed rate finance attracted by Arblease, which is running Timberwolf finance. And this machine from £499 plus VAT per month, which equates to, do the figures, £115 per week. So, excellent value for money.

Let’s look at it, if I don’t say so myself, we’ve never had any issues with Timberwolf that can’t be sorted out, great machines. So take a look on our website. All of the details and the full range are on there, including some of the older machines, but they are not available now.

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You can buy it from an approved dealer, or contact Timberwolf directly, and they’ll get in touch with us accordingly. Check out the details and the price on arblease.co.uk. And if you found this video useful, hit subscribe, hit the bell and follow us on social media.

The competition question

Now about the competition, I did say we were going to run one, a chance to win all of these goodies that I’ve been throwing around all over this office today. We’re going to package them out and we’re going to put this hat on and tell you, the question is this.

What was Timberwolf called before it was known as Timberwolf. The machines used to be yellow. The company was a completely different name, but it is fundamentally, it’s still the company that’s known as Timberwolf now. Yellow machines, what were they called before they were known as Timberwolf.

Just comment below. Let us know, no matter what platform you’re on. Comment below the name, give you a clue. It begins with… Shall I? E, it begins with E. Okay. That’s it. No more. All right. Thanks for joining us and follow, like and share. Stay busy, but stay safe. See you soon.

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