New Greenmech EVO165 P Wood Chipper 18787

Machine Details

Industry Arboriculture and Forestry, Groundcare
Condition New
Asset Type Wood Chipper
Hours/Mileage (or N/A?) N/A
Make Greenmech
Model EVO165 P
Age New
Seller type Dealer (Franchised)
Drive Type Wheeled
Fuel or Power type Petrol
Stock id 18787
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New Greenmech EVO165 P Wood Chipper 18787

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For sale a new Greenmech EVO165 P Wood Chipper 18787

The real alternative to high output with lower cost the Greenmech EVO 165 p wood Chipper represents everything that’s evolutionary in a chipper. We’ve listened to the industry and used all our design and manufacturing experience to develop the machine that will deliver exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Top Features:

  • INFEED AREA: WIDE IN-FEED CHUTE Reduces the time needed with the saw and helps prevent the inadvertent triggering of the safety bar when feeding in wide branches.
  • LETTER BOX SHAPED IN-FEED THROAT Offers the advantage of getting the forked material into the processor before bridging the sides of the throat.
  • HORIZONTAL ROLLERS Gather and grip the material whilst offering a smooth flow into the processor with reduced lateral movement.
  • PIVOTALLY -MOUNTED TOP ROLLER A pivotally-mounted top roller allows for free movement of timber, offered at different angles, without jamming.
  • MANUAL ROLLER LIFT The top roller pivot arm has been designed with a port that will accommodate a bar, allowing the roller to be manually lifted to gain clearance if required.
  • FLOATING SAFETY BARS Offers equalised pressure on all touch points of the safety bar and, with the new style bottom bar, helps reduce nuisance tripping.
  • CONTROLS: CONTROL BOX LOCATION Located in a safe and convenient position on top of the in-feed chute, helping centralise the controls of the machine and offering good protection.
  • RESET/ REVERSE BUTTONS Conveniently placed on each side of the infeed chute.
  • NO STRESS SYSTEM Self manages and retains a required material flow rate through the processor without blocking or stalling the machine.
  • CHIPPING: HEAVY FLYWHEEL At 72kg, the new flywheel offers unparalleled processing power for a machine of its size.
  • DISC BLADE TECHNOLOGY The slicing action of the disc blade system gives the blades more tolerance to the occasional contaminates that find their way into the system and retains an expected life of over 900 hours per set.
  • OVERSIZE GREASE-ABLE FLYWHEEL / DISC BEARINGS Offers prolonged use of machine without the worry of bearing failure. SHARPEN YOUR OWN DISCS With GreenMech’s easy-to use disc blade sharpener.
  • QUIET POWER: NOISE LEVEL  An additional fan provides extra air to the system and allows a lower standard operating speed of the engine, without any loss of efficiency. This reduces fuel consumption and creates a significantly quieter machine.
  • 115DB SOUND POWER/92DB SOUND PRESSURE The hinged steel bonnet, combined with the Disc Blade System and additional fan, creates one of the quietest wood chippers on the market.
  • COMPLIANT PETROL ENGINE The Stage V compliant Briggs and Stratton 37hp petrol engine provides useable power, matched to operational needs, while retaining fuel economy.
  • MAINTENANCE: BLADE MAINTENANCE Improved access to the flywheel and the special locking system allows for safe and easy maintenance.
  • CENTRALISED GREASE POINTS Offers the convenience of having all of the major grease points in one position, for regular servicing
  • EASE OF SHEAR BAR ACCESS We have designed the Evo 165 to offer good access to both the vertical and horizontal shear bars.
  • ONE PIECE STEEL BONNET The all steel, one piece, hinged bonnet allows for strength and durability and offers great access.
  • UNDERSLUNG PLASTIC TANKS Offers an “at a glance” view of fuel and hydraulic oil levels.
  • TOWING: LED LIGHTS Compatible with both 12 and 24 volt systems, the LED lights system will offer a bright lighting that will withstand the normal humps and bumps of our trade.
  • REMOVABLE LIGHTING CABLE Takes away the need to wrap excess cable around the jockey wheel, therefore removing the risk of the cable rubbing on the ground.
  • FOLDING INFEED CHUTE Allows for good visibility of the lighting board in transit and retains a short overall length for storage


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