Fuelwood Transaw 350 XLS

New Fuelwood Transaw 350 XLS MO7700

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Industry Arboriculture and Forestry
Condition New
Asset Type N/A
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Make Fuelwood
Model Transaw 350 XLS
Age New
Seller type Direct
Drive Type PTO
Fuel or Power type N/A
Stock id MO7700
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New Fuelwood Transaw 350 XLS MO7700

Let's find out what they have to say about this machine...

The Transaw 350XLS™ is the perfect machine for operators wishing to move up from smaller processors to produce far higher levels of output with much less effort. If you are in the market for a semi-automatic firewood processor that really does the job well, and will keep doing the job well with minimum fuss for many years…look no further.

The Transaw 350XLS™ really is the King of its domain.

About the machine:

The Transaw has always been the undisputed King of semi-automatic firewood processors, packed with design innovation and superb build quality. It leaves most other semi-automatic firewood processors in its shadow. This latest model the Transaw 350XLS™ maintains the exceptionally high standards of the previous 350XL model whilst also improving in numerous areas, in particular its high speed cutting system for small diameter timber to maximise cycle time.

Produce far higher levels of output with much less effort

The Transaw 350XLS™ is the perfect machine for operators wishing to move up from smaller processors to produce far higher levels of output with much less effort. If you are in the market for a semi-automatic firewood processor that really does the job well, and will keep doing the job well with minimum fuss for many years…look no further.

Transaw 350XLS™ is designed and manufactured by Fuelwood in the UK, its design and features are focused on the demands of UK firewood producers it is uncompromised.

Circular Saw

Transaw 350XLS™ is fitted with a circular saw that has a cutting capacity of 35cm (14
inches), and also has a 15-tonne semi-automatic splitting unit. The machine is operated via a control lever with a trigger to activate the splitting unit, this enables the operator to make a visual check to ensure the log is correctly aligned before splitting.

Hydraulic in-feed conveyor

The log is moved to the cutting position on the hydraulic in-feed conveyor. The log length is set on an adjustable optical beam. When the log breaks this beam the feed conveyor stops and a hydraulic clamp locks the timber. The saw blade then moves through the timber, retracts after cutting and the cut timber is then moved via a tilt and pushing action to the splitting chamber. This action minimises the possibility of the log falling sideways and designed specifically for processing short logs. The multi-splitting knife is adjustable for 6/4/2 or 8/4/2 way splits, this can also be raised fully up if no splitting is required. The finished log length can be quickly adjusted from 6 to 20 inches. The splitting chamber is also equipped with a log ejection mechanism.

The machine is fitted with a 4 or 5 metre out-feed conveyor, which has hydraulic lift and slew features. Both the in-feed and out-feed conveyors fold up for transport.

The weight

Transaw 350XLS™ is PTO driven, weighs c.2000Kg and requires a tractor of c.50 horsepower. An electric version is also available.

The machine utilises the latest quiet hydraulic drive systems and in particular a hydraulic saw drive, which is quiet in operation and when switched off becomes a brake stopping the saw in a few seconds. The system does not use conventional drive belts ensuring low maintenance and low cost of ownership.

Look at the many qualities of the Transaw 350XLS™:

Specifically designed to process short logs down to 15cm, ALL competition machines designed on the continent are designed to process longer firewood. Shorter firewood is notoriously more difficult to process and features of the Transaw minimise the log twisting when moving from the sawing to the splitting area.?

Unique splitting knife

Has a unique splitting knife which does not require the operator to change knives when splitting different diameter timber the blade splits 2, 4 & 6 ways in the same blade. If you are processing 10” diameter which is splitting nicely into 4 ways and at the butt end the timber flares, with Transaw 350XLS™ simply lower the 6 –way splitting knife and instantly return to the 4-way.

  • Does not stop firewood production!
  • No Down Time!
  • No Tools!
  • Quality sized firewood!
  • Happy Customers!

The splitting blade raises completely away so rings can just be sawn and not split, this is needed for customers who process rings through kindling wood machines. No tools are required. Note if you process rings split in half the output from your kindling wood machine will also be half!

No issue for knotty timber

Knotty timber does not make good kindling wood, so if you are cutting rings for kindling wood machines and the timber becomes knotty, with Transaw you can simply lower the knife and split the rings, knotty wood makes great firewood!

Does not use vee belts to drive the saw, this means maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

Offers many safety features, Braked Saw blade (no access to machine while blade is rotating), timber has to be gripped before the saw will cut, primary and secondary safety systems as outlined in the machinery directive.

Does not require options, for example the oil cooler and the timber deck services are standard, as the machine is designed for high production constant use.

  • The output conveyor is 4m or 5m and 500cm wide ensuring constant flow of firewood with side-to-side slew.
  • A huge splitting force of 15tons ensures UK timber is split easily without stalling or jamming.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK. Supporting the UK economy.
  • It will outperform competition machines when cutting UK specification firewood.
  • Its semi-automatic operation gives superior output to manual machines and less operator fatigue.

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