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CMC platforms buy with finance plans

Hi guys, it’s Matt from ArbLease here. In this video, I’m going to be telling you all about a huge Black Friday deal being offered by CMC Spider Lifts, exclusively with ArbLease. Get up to 1,250… Is that right? Wow, get up to £1,250 in your back pocket. To find out more keep watching.

Hi guys, it’s Matt from the number one online showroom for machinery and finance available 24/7. This channel is all about our machinery and vehicles and what they cost to buy with a low fixed rate finance plan. So if you buy equipment, hit subscribe, hit the bell on YouTube and follow us on social media.

So what we’re talking about today is Black Fridays Black Friday, and we reached out to our manufacturing friends, our dealer network, and CMC came up with the offer. CMC is our partner this Black Friday, and boy, have they got a beater for you. CMC Spider Lifts, the rangers on our website are offering you up to 1,250… Is that right? £1,250 cash back or finance deposit contribution. So get one up to £1,250 in your back pocket, the amount will depend on the model you want to buy, if you buy.

If you order the machine and you’ve got to order the machine, you’ve got to qualify for the finance first. Go to our website, get a quote, qualify and then place your order before the 14th of December, which gives you just over two weeks and then you qualify. So that cash will be well received if it’s cash back just in time for Christmas.

Taking a look on more details at the CMC platforms available to buy in the UK with low fixed rate finance.

So let’s take a look at these machines in a bit more detail and find out what all the buzz is about and how you get your hands on the cash, which of course is the key question. So CMC have had a huge year this year and they’ve made incredibly good impression on the UK art market in 2020, probably one of the few good things, definitely 2020.

We asked Russell at CMC, what he thought made the CMC product stand out as a first choice for the UK Art Market, and this was his top five reasons. So CMC offer a wide range of lifts ranging from 13 to 28 meters, a range that is fully hydraulic, and because of that, they’re easy to use and easy to maintain. As a range of specialist Arb machines that have been designed to work outside. And I get that. I get that reason. I didn’t think about it platform. This of course, generally they were designed to work indoors a lot of them. And I guess most of the work for platforms is indoors and less your tree surgeon or, yeah. I’m just trying to think of other reasons out there. But yes, there is a vast away of applications outside of the platform list, but a lot of them are designed to work indoors, not CMC designed for outdoor use. Best working envelopes currently in the world according to CMC yet to be proven wrong. Envelope of course means range of movement as we understand it.

A variety of prices to suit all budgets. Well, that’s up for grabs. You can look into the price on our websites, but there’s certainly a nice variety of prices and to fit any realistic budget. And finally, these machines are built to last with a full and friendly national UK support network. So, you’re going to be well looked after and the feedback we’ve had from our clients that have purchased CMC this year, they haven’t looked back. The machines are generating money and generating more turnover by getting them jobs that they just couldn’t get before. The weekly cost to own at the CMC machines will vary across the range and are available to buy, because after have to get, you’re buying the machine with ArbLease we’re just spreading the cost of ownership from 145 to 245 pounds per week, depending on the machine you buy. Think how much cheaper that is to hiring and the fact that you’re buying it outright so it’s yours at the end.

Place your order like I said on or before the 14th of December to qualify for your cash back. You must be financed approved by ArbLease and the amount will depend on the machine model you order the amount of cash back you get. And it’ll vary depending smaller machines slightly less than that and the bigger machine is up to 1,250 pounds cash in your pocket. So to qualify for the quote or to get a quote 24/7 anytime of the day or night, go to our All right, let’s see a bit more about this machine now. Great video to show you and, and let’s have a walk around. Let’s have a look. Roll video.

Thanks for watching and good luck. We hope you qualify. Don’t forget to get qualified ASAP if you want to take advantage of this Black Friday deal and get some money in that back pocket. Offer ends 14th of December. Check out more details on the price of all of these machines and hundreds of others on our website, If you found the video useful, please hit subscribe, hit the bell on YouTube and follow us on social media platforms. We’ll be back soon. Until then, take care.