What is Hire Purchase?

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Last time we covered a topic that many people ask us, what is leasing? However, today, we’re focusing on another frequent question.

What is Hire Purchase?

Hire Purchase is a traditional product used to fund assets and machinery with a long shelf life such as an agricultural building. From a tax point of view, it’s almost identical to paying for your machine or vehicle with cash. It’s as if you own it on day one, you’re basically owning the asset. It’s sometimes known as a ‘Lease Purchase’, so don’t get confused, they’re exactly the same. The keyword is purchase. You’re purchasing the asset.

It’s an agreement where you pay all the VAT up front as well as your capital deposit because we don’t view VAT as a deposit or an addition to advance reduction. If your VAT registered you then have a small period of time to reclaim this VAT. For this reason businesses who are not vat registered are often better placed to select a lease product.

Then your payments are spread over a fixed term which is 1 – 7 years depending on the asset you’re financing and the type of business you are.

At the end of the Hire Purchase contract, you will be charged by the finance company a final fee to take ownership of the asset. This is called an ‘Option to purchase fee’. This is usually about £100.00 which we highly recommend you pay as this is the moment you take full ownership from the finance company after the hire period… hence the product name 1. ‘Hire’ 2. ‘Purchase’.

*Tax relief: One for the account! However, the way we understand it… you get the full benefit upfront in that current year, similar to if you had paid for the asset outright. * Please speak to a qualified company for tax advice.

So there you go, that’s Hire Purchase.

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