What is Arblease? – An insight into what we do

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What is Arblease?

Arblease is a finance broker that was developed from the group company Bond Capital Finance.

Bond Capital Finance has over 40 years experience in financing farm machinery and the ground-based industries such as landscaping and forestry.

After many years of financing machinery for farms and landscape-contractors, we saw the industry of Arboriculture growing. In 2010 we started Arblease a company that specialises in funding vehicles and machinery for UK tree surgeons and forestry contractors.

We developed a website and saw the requirement to give the arb industry easy and fast access to details about arboricultural machinery and vehicles. Not only is it easy to compare the machinery, but also it gives you a realistic monthly payment. We like to help indicate a true cost of the machine based on a simple to make monthly payment.

Another feature that we offer is the ability to compare machines like for like. We’ll instantly tell you how much it’ll cost a month compared to a sales price.

Finance is arranged through a simple application on the website, our specialists then go to the market and locate the cheapest and best deal for each client individually.

What about the process?

At Arblease, we have a simple three-stage process.

  1. Apply for a quote
  2. Find the machine
  3. Take delivery

Our experts understand and know a great deal about all the machinery in the arboricultural marketplace. They have access to 10 major banks, with some of the lowest borrowing rates in the UK. Most days are spent talking to tree surgeons about the different machines available in the UK and the costs associated with them.

Here at Arblease, we can help you source a machine from over 300 suppliers in the UK. If you’d rather, you can source your own new or used machine or vehicle and Arblease will arrange a finance agreement with a low monthly repayment at some of the lowest fixed rates available in the UK.

The process is fast and simple. You can visit our website 24 hours a day and you can make an application to get a quote 24 hours a day too.

The website is the UK’s leading online platform for arboricultural funding in the United Kingdom. Our experts are available to assist you 7 days a week via email and 5 days a week via phone, to help you locate the best machine or vehicle available and spread the cost at the lowest monthly payment and the lowest rate possible.


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